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Missoni for Target

9 Sep

While we are all anxiously waiting for Versace to hit the H&M stores in Europe, American fashionista’s only have to wait till 13th September to dress in beautiful, but cheap, Italian design. Missioni is partnering with Target and introduced a limited edition collection of ‘apparel and accessories for women, men, girls and baby, as well as home goods’. Prices range from $2,99 to $599,99. And when the collection was launched in New York many celebrities couldn’t resist to show off their favourite Missoni pieces. Enjoy!

Emma Roberts

Malin Akerman

Rachel Zoe

Camilla Belle

Elizabeth Olsen


When is young too young?

25 Aug

That big fashion names like to use young models to star in their campaigns is a fact. Their beauty and flawless skin makes the picture, and therefore the product, look more attractive to possible buyers. However, lately I have been noticing a trend of very young models and actresses. Fourteen year old girls pose in high heels and are covered in make up selling products to women that are double their age.

At the age of fourteen, actress and now model Hailee Steinfeld poses for the Italian (and amazing!) brand Miu Miu in high heels, a skirt and is carrying a purse. To me however, she looks more like a child dressed up in her (grand)ma’s clothes. And she is supposed to sell me, and not other fourteen-year-olds who cannot afford such a brand, these clothes.

Dakota Fanning, who is seventeen but looks like a girl rather than a woman, is selling Jacob’s new fragrance for women┬áposing with a big fragrance bottle between her legs. Appropriate for a seventeen year old?

But it runs in the family…Thirteen year old little sister Elle Fanning poses as a true model in Marie Claire, including high heels and make up.

However, we don’t have to turn to magazines only to enjoy these super young models.┬áThese ‘babies of fashion’ can also be found on many red carpet and other Hollywood events.

Chloe Moretz (14) looks very comfortable in her high heels and mini dress sitting front row.

Even though these girls are exposed to fame, glamour and the media, should they be acting like grown women at such a young age? Tell me what you think!

International Vogue Covers August 2011

19 Aug
















New Zara Collection

1 Aug

I know..it feels like summer has only just started and we are still too keen on wearing our shorts and strappy sandals. But fashion is already thinking of autumn/winter 2011/12! And looking at Zara’s new collection we have got so much to look forward to!! Here some highlights of the collection to daydream about when still lying on the beach. Enjoy!

Double breasted navy coat

Printed blazer

Open back jumpsuit

Polka dot dress

Palazzo trousers

Snakeskin printed sweater

Printed kaftan

Ankle boot

High heel moccasin

Two tone snake skin boot

Messenger bag

Style File Camille Belle

21 Jul

With a fashion designer as a mother, we are not surprised that this gorgeous 24-year-old actress knows what and what not to wear. Even though she is known from her roles in films like 10,000 BC and The Patriot, we best know her from her elegant but fashionable style.

Here a look into her wardrobe. Enjoy!


21 Jun


Finally another big designer is stepping in the footsteps of Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo; this november H&M will have their own Versace collection!!

Even though it comes as a bit of a surprise seeing as Donatella told the New York Times in 2008 that she would not collaborate with the store seeing as this would damage the Versace brand, we can’t wait to see the beautiful dresses she will bring to the high street. We can expect lots of leather and colour and many beautiful high heels and stunning necklaces. Beside a women and men collection, there will be an interior line with cushions and bed linen.

So dust your tent off and start making your way to your nearest H&M soon, cause Versace is coming!!! Enjoy!


Crazy for Kendall

19 Jun

There is a new K in Kardashian-ville. Even though the three Dash sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are still big news, little sister Kendall is working her way up the top. Only 15 years old she has managed to feature in many fashion campaigns and on the cover of Teen Vogue.

Here is a little Kendall portfolio of her modeling career so far. Enjoy!





Forever 21

Sherri Hill