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When is young too young?

25 Aug

That big fashion names like to use young models to star in their campaigns is a fact. Their beauty and flawless skin makes the picture, and therefore the product, look more attractive to possible buyers. However, lately I have been noticing a trend of very young models and actresses. Fourteen year old girls pose in high heels and are covered in make up selling products to women that are double their age.

At the age of fourteen, actress and now model Hailee Steinfeld poses for the Italian (and amazing!) brand Miu Miu in high heels, a skirt and is carrying a purse. To me however, she looks more like a child dressed up in her (grand)ma’s clothes. And she is supposed to sell me, and not other fourteen-year-olds who cannot afford such a brand, these clothes.

Dakota Fanning, who is seventeen but looks like a girl rather than a woman, is selling Jacob’s new fragrance for women┬áposing with a big fragrance bottle between her legs. Appropriate for a seventeen year old?

But it runs in the family…Thirteen year old little sister Elle Fanning poses as a true model in Marie Claire, including high heels and make up.

However, we don’t have to turn to magazines only to enjoy these super young models.┬áThese ‘babies of fashion’ can also be found on many red carpet and other Hollywood events.

Chloe Moretz (14) looks very comfortable in her high heels and mini dress sitting front row.

Even though these girls are exposed to fame, glamour and the media, should they be acting like grown women at such a young age? Tell me what you think!